So, I tried hot yoga today. It was insanely hot and I was really sweaty when I left. I came up with a great slogan when I was dying after the class, “Hot yoga for a hot bod.”

I also got hired on my first PAID feature. I get to be a PA and not just any PA… The PA who gets everyone lunch. Ah well, at least I’ll be on set for a while and get to make friends with the camera department. Thank you PCA!

Pick up work, also what I call random gigs I accept.

Craigslist: Intern for a Busy TV/Film Director


Waiting… Waiting… Waiting..

25 minutes pass, finished my coffee.

Irony… He is just too busy to show up, or email..

An hour later he emails, umm.. hard pass.. Thanks, but I’m too good to be left sitting at a coffee bean.

After working a bunch on short projects, my goal is to have something real after the start of the New Year. After I stop doing stupid things.

Last night was Robin’s birthday party.. I remember being at the bar for a solid 20 minutes. Bottle service was a little too much for D, L and I. So much so that none of us knew how we got home and I woke up 100% confused as to what transpired throughout the evening. I’m probably on some sort of ban list at the Emerson. What really did it was the delicious shots of watermelon whatever we drank. I love getting tagged in photos on facebook and not having any clue what they are of..

Welp, spent my birthday on a boat in the ocean. Drinking entirely too much and diving off the front! I think I want every summer to be like this.

At night I gathered all the LA friends I know, the few I know, and went to a couple of bars.

I also applied to “My cat from hell” because my roommate’s cat and my cat keep trying to kill each other. It’s becoming chaos. I also have so many cat scratches… Maybe I have cat scratch fever?!

Well, I’ve been here for a whole 3 days. Mom hasn’t flown out yet, but a really interesting thing just happened. My new roommate just got a three day eviction notice. Mother is losing her mind. I have faith that this will work itself out, or I end up homeless. Guess we will find out in three days.

Four days in a car. My mom helping me drive, the cat crying nonstop. Kansas City, Central Junction, Vegas, and finally to my new home Los Angeles. Into a one bedroom apartment in “Little Mexico” with a girl I met on craigslist. This will be interesting. Three cats, two blondes and one big city.